Diabolik, Who are you?

The tools for the job

Tools Diabolik

Black with a single opening for the eyes, they completely adhere to Diabolik's body and face. Tights are a feature of our protagonist and he wears them when he goes for his job, at night, in order to be camouflaged in the darkness.

Diabolik has one (many, to be precise) black 1961 Jaguar E-type coupè. He tunes up his own car and he twinks it up with a lot of brilliant tricks that turns out to be essential for his escapes.

Made of extra-thin plastic with a formula known just by Diabolik, these masks are worn like a hood and they perfectly reproduce anyone's appearance, allowing Diabolik (or Eva or anyone else) to replace the original person. From time to time someone tries to steal the masks' secret from Diabolik, trying to make him reveal it even by threatening Eva. It is useless to say that all of them came to a bad end.

Diabolik uses it to speak with Eva. Even during the age of mobile phone, the diabolik couple prefers to use the old communication system that is more safe and less subject to tappings.

It is the classic Diabolik's weapon, since he never uses conventional firearms. It does not always have the same look and it often bears gadgets with it (a classic example is the flashlight hidden inside the hilt) but it is always perfectly balanced and lethal.

It looks like a little blowgun with a button that is pressed to shoot a narcotic-soaked needle or a needle drenched in a lethal poison that kills the enemy. However, it usually has to be shot on uncovered parts of the target's body such as the face, the neck or the hands. It is Eva Kant's favourite weapon.