Diabolik, Who are you?

The authors

Giussani A. & L.

Sorelle Giussani

Diabolik, the first negative hero and ancestor of the future generations of noir comics, was published for the first time in November 1962. It was born thanks to the creative genius of two young ladies: Angela and Luciana Giussani.

Angela Giussani was born in Milan in 1922. In 1961 she started the Astorina Publishing House that still publishes the Diabolik's comics only. She has always been the head of the Publishing House till the day of her death, occurred on February 1987.

Luciana Giussani was born in Milan in 1928 and she joined her sister right after the publication of the first comic's issues, helping Angela with the subjects and scripts' writing of the brand-new Diabolik's character. The last comic she realized is dated back to just some months before her death that occurred on March 2001.