Diabolik, Who are you?


Publications of Astorina Srl

Since 1962 the Astorina Publishing House publishes the Diabolik's comics only. Since 1998 Mario Gomboli is the head and the publishing director of the Astorina Publishing House.


ALL NEW DIABOLIK (monthly publication)
It is the "classic" comic and it is released the first day of the month with an all new adventure.

DIABOLIK R (monthly publication)
It is the first reprint, started in 1978, of the whole collection and it is released the 10th of the month.

DIABOLIK SWIISSS (monthly publication)
It is the second reprint, started in 1994, of the whole collection and it is released the 20th day of the month.

THE GREAT DIABOLIK (four-monthly published)
It is an all new comic made of 170 big-sized plates with commenting articles and it is released during Spring and Summer. The Spring's issue is traditionally used for "unveiling" some secrets from the past of the main characters while the Summer's one is used for getting "back from the past" characters or objects. The third issue, released during Autumn, is a chronological in color representation of the collection, with a bigger format.


The classic Collection
They are hardbound volumes with commenting articles that present the Diabolik's "cult" issues that share the same character as the main one.

The Fortieth Anniversary Collection
They are precious big-sized volumes that present for the first time - or present again - the episodes that unveil new aspects of the characters' past with in-depths articles.