The other protagonists


Blonde, wonderful and green-eyed, the King of Terror's partner appears for the first time in the issue n.3 of 1963, called THE DIABOLIK'S ARREST, where she introduced herself as the charming and shifty widow of Lord Kant. She immediately shows a coolness and a determination equal to Diabolik's ones, saving him from the guillotine by the skin of his teeth, becoming his inseparable partner from that moment on. At the beginning, we see her staying in the shadow of the King of Terror, but as time passed by, Eva Kant starts being independent, shining in her own glory staying with Diabolik and, from time to time, even being alone.


Police inspector of Clerville, he shows up from the first issue, THE KING OF TERROR. Upright, brilliant and brave, Ginko's mission is Diabolik's hunt. He grants his eternal rival with equal cleverness and moral integrity and in some occasions they even formed occasional alliances with one another.


The duchess Altea of Vallenberg find her place in the story with the 22nd issue called THE BIG BLACKMAIL (October 1964), where she meets Inspector Ginko and they immediately fall in love with each other. At the beginning it is a difficult love, thwarted by social differences, but their relationship will come out stronger and being able to crash the limits imposed by their roles.